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Given the level of customization that customers expect from marketing campaigns these days, companies are searching for ever more creative ways to connect with them. One simply way to do so that is often overlooked is through email. Email marketing has proven to offer some of the highest ROI of all current online marketing solutions. We here at the Town Talk Media Group are well aware of this fact, which is why we’re your best option at turning your email outbox into a powerful marketing tool.

The Effectiveness of Email

Why is email so effective? Because those to whom you send out your initial content have already expressed an interest in working with you. Forwarding the message of your products or services on to other potential customers simply becomes a matter of a few customer clicks. By connecting to your customers in your database through email, you’re able to maintain constant, personalized, and real‐time communication with them through every stage of the transaction process:

Our Email Marketing Strategy

We can help you get the most from your email marketing by analyzing your current customer database to identify a target audience for your email marketing campaign. We’ll then create custom email content that’s compatible with all formats to help reach out to that segmented portion of current and potential customers. That content will be specifically designed to keep the interest and loyalty of current customers and to help pull new customers in. We then track sales and user management from emails back to both your website and in‐store traffic to see which email content succeeded at drawing them in.

Waiting to Work With You

Who would have thought that an everyday tool as simple as e-mail could be turned into one of the most powerful and effective weapons in your online advertising arsenal? Yet achieving such success only comes through collaboration with the right marketing solutions partner. We at Town Talk Media Group in Alexandria want to be that partner for you. 

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