You invest a lot of time and resources into trying to bring new visitors to your site. Yet research shows that very few of those visitors ever actually make a purchase during that initial visit. Is this because your marketing strategy isn’t sound or that your site doesn’t offer them a rewarding web browsing experience? Not likely. It’s more likely due to the fact that today’s consumers are more apt to comparison shop than they were in the past. Don’t worry; you still have chance to win over these wishy‐ washy potential customers. We here at the Town Talk Media Group can show you how.

Who does Retargeting Benefit?

Retargeting allows you to continue to keep the memory of your site as well as the products and/or services that you offer fresh in a customer’s mind. It starts by dropping a simple pixel into a customer’s browser once he or she enters you site. That pixel follows them after they leave, allowing us to continue to display your advertising content to him or her as he/she continues to browse the web. This helps to ensure that when he/she is ready to make a purchase, you are still at forefront of their mind. This solution has proven to be invaluable for companies struggling in the following areas:

What We Can Do For You

Our remarketing efforts begin by providing you with these necessary software elements in order to track customers after they’ve left your site. Not to worry; these pixels have no impact on your site’s performance. They’ll mainly provide us with the information that we need in order to connect with them again. After your retargeting capabilities have been established, we’ll help you in creating quality digital ad content to highlight the products and services that a potential customer saw when visiting your site. We’ll then continue to inundate him or her with that marketing content in hopes of both bringing him or her back to complete an initial purchase and then reminding him or her to return as a repeat customer.

Your remarketing campaign will also provide us with valuable information concerning your site’s usage trends. We’ll apply advanced analytical tools to that information to help identify issues with your marketing efforts. This allows you to be dynamic in the ongoing development and implementation of your online advertising strategies.

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The customer conversion process isn’t always culminated on the first visit. We can help ensure that you still have every chance to win a potential customer’s business even after he or she has left your site. Our success in measured in your sales increases. Thus, we’re ready to share all of our marketing tools and strategies with you in order to get this done. 

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