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The mistake that many companies today make is to think that e‐commerce has changed the provider‐ client relationship. Even though your online customers are transacting their business through a different medium, the transactions process is still very much the same, right down to them leaving your location and telling their fiends about their experience. Yet whereas in the past, that conversation was had amongst a small handful of people, today’s customers are having it with the hundreds to thousands of friends and followers that they have on their social media networks.

Here at the Town Talk Media Group, we understand that simply having a presence online isn’t enough; that presence has to be felt through the right channels. Social media is undoubtedly one of those channels. Businesses have begun to recognize just how quickly word about their products and services can spread through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. In many cases, this virtual word‐ of‐mouth can be the most powerful marketing tool you could ask for.

Developing Strong Social Media Marketing Strategies

Yet we also know that you simply can’t afford to wait around and have social media networks do your marketing for you. You have to be involved in those networks in order to capitalize on that notoriety. We can provide you with all of the social media marketing savvy that you’ll need in order to connect with your customers in real‐time through multiple outlets. This savvy includes:

Marketing Through Social Media Connections

Despite that lack of in‐person interaction found in e‐commerce, customers still value those companies that make an attempt to reach out and connect with them on a one‐on‐one level. Social media makes making those connections a breeze. By interacting with current and potential customers through the various social media platforms, you’re developing relationships of trust that have proven to pay off through:

Social media networks use terms such as “friends,” “like,” and “followers” to describe the connections between users. That’s how your customers will begin to view their relationships with you once you’ve made such a connection with them through your own social media marketing efforts.

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You simply can’t afford not to take advantage of all of the marketing possibilities that social media has to offer. Over 70% of America’s top 100 companies have already hopped on the social media marketing bandwagon; we here at Town Talk Media Group can help you do the same. Let us help you to truly connect with your customers. To speak with a representative about getting started with your social media marketing campaign, just give us a call today.

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